(+34) 967 21 57 75     serrano@serrano-sa.es
Occasion furniture

Semi mural

Ideal for free service


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Injected polyurethane insulation
  • Built-in motor/distance
  • Blind/panoramic sides
  • LED lighting
  • Electronic control
  • Temperature signalling
  • Sloping shingles with price carrier and product retainer
  • Automatic evaporation
  • Optional night curtain
  • Anti-fog crystal
  • Evaporation rate: -5oC
  • Toa regime: +2/+4 oC
  • Customizable termination

Av. Primera 24, P.E. Campollano
02007 - Albacete (Albacete)

Phone: (+34) 967 21 57 75.
(+34) 967 24 29 03

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